3 Tips to Rev Up Your LinkedIn Posting Strategy

3 Tips to Rev Up Your LinkedIn Posting Strategy

LinkedIn was made for networking. It’s in the name itself. Linking in! Are you making connections on LinkedIn? Here is how you can reach more people and establish real connections on LinkedIn.

Have you posted multiple times on LinkedIn, hoping to get some interaction from your thousands of followers, only to end up with crickets? 

Random marketing doesn’t work. Like many entrepreneurs, users post and post on LinkedIn without generating any interactions. The missing key? Building relationships.

As I’ve always said, targeting everyone is targeting no one. It’s all about personalization and sincerity. 

For every client onboarding, I prepare a worksheet with specific points: setting goals, knowing the target audience, and offering the value proposition. I call these the three pillars in marketing – as well as in just about any business area.

Here is how to apply the same three-point strategy to enhancing your LinkedIn posts.

Align LinkedIn with your goals

Surely, you have short-term and long-term goals. Where do you see yourself in five months? Five years? Ten years? Apply these goals to each of your platforms, LinkedIn included. 

What do you want to accomplish with your LinkedIn profile? What kind of connections and engagement would help you achieve your goals? Break them down. 

The goal of getting a certain number of leads and clients translates to several marketing strategies, such as growing your email list, guest-speaking on podcasts, and finding new partnerships. 

LinkedIn can help you accomplish that. For example, you establish real relationships with people in your niche who have blogs and podcasts so you can submit guest posts or be a guest speaker on their podcasts. 

Know your target audience   

You now have goals for your online presence on LinkedIn. The next step is to create segmented posts. You need to accept that you can’t create a one-size-fits-all post for 1,000 or 10,000 followers. 

Instead of targeting everyone with the same content, think about what type of content would the subgroups of your connections and followers like. 

It’s more effective when you create specific content to target a small group of people.

Once you determine your target audience, answer specific questions about them, e.g., “What are their goals? What are their values?” 

You want to be a voice they listen to, a source they see as credible. 

Tell your story  

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it’s a personal or professional experience, stories resonate with people. It can be unique to you and at the same time serve as a point of connection with your audience. 

How does your story fit with your value proposition? What point do you want to get across? What drives you?

Once you have this nailed down, you’ll always make your posts powerful by tying them to your purpose and core values. You become genuine as you build your authority and your services around your story. You also find it easy to see which posts from others you can repost, because it’ll be clear which ones are related to what you stand for along with being valuable to your audience. 


LinkedIn is a valuable resource if you know what to use it for and how to use it. Identify your short-term and long-term goals, know your audience, and target your posts to them. Write your own or curate relevant, helpful to your audience content, and build relationships. When you have these pillars to hold up your content strategy, it becomes easier to navigate and produce results from LinkedIn.

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