[VIDEO] How Has Social Media Influenced Business in the Last 5 Years

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Snapchats geo-tag filters are a cheap and easy way to market your business. As snapchat grows as a platform, you’re missing out on a great opportunity by not advertising on it. Because it’s not owned by Google or Facebook the prices remain low. Many people use the app so by participating you are remaining relevant to your consumers. Take advantage […]

[VIDEO] Stop Leaving Money on the Table with This Simple Strategy

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Timing and follow up are extremely important to your business. I have had hundreds of interactions with potential clients. All of which have brought my attention to the fact that many of them lack a follow-up strategy. Unfortunately, many companies lose potential prospects by simply not following up. THE BEST WAY TO FOLLOW UP You are consistently leaving money on […]

[VIDEO] 6 Ways to Transform Your Underutilized Thank You Page

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You should not only use thank you pages to thank your customers, but also to encourage the user to take an action. Using thank you pages in this strategic way can help boost your ROI.  I have 6 offers your company can use to drive sales from your thank you page. Businesses tend to underutilize their thank you pages. A well […]

[VIDEO] The 5 Landing Page Questions to Ask to Increase Conversions

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Incorporating a landing page into your company website can make your online advertising more effective. A landing page is the webpage that is linked to your advertisements. It is more effective than sending users to the advertisers home page. Home pages are mostly just designed for informative purposes. 1. Why is it important to send […]