[VIDEO] How Will Social Media Influence Business in the Next 5 Years

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If you’ve been around for some time as a marketer or an entrepreneur (or both), you know the importance of your audience: knowing it, finding it, talking to it, focusing on it. To expand your audience, you may be tempted to cast a wider net. In marketing, however, targeting everyone is targeting no one.  To […]

Key Points for a Successful Transition for the New Facebook Pixel

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Out with the old and in with the new! The old facebook pixels will be replaced by the new before you know it, and I am here to help you with your transition. A few tips on how to use the new facebook pixel will help to ease the stress of this switch. step 1: Know The Transition […]

How Not to Run a Paid Media Campaign

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Most of the time you’ll read a blog post or article about how best to run a paid media campaign. This could be on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. We might find a lot of examples of paid campaigns that are pretty good, but might need some tweaking – perhaps it could use a better […]