How to Lead a Team for Success for Yourself and Your Business

How to Be a Team Leader to Ensure Your and Your Company’s Success

People are the backbone of any company. I’ve always believed that for a business to succeed, it needs to have a good team. My digital marketing agency business has been smooth-sailing, and that is largely due to my team. 

What makes a brilliant team? It’s when they take initiative. They’re happy and confident. They work together smoothly. Every individual is a key part of the team. 

Live your company culture

As a whole, what does your company stand for? What values do you champion as part of your organization? Is it a progressive environment and a place of inclusivity where you celebrate every individual?

Whatever type of company culture you want to uphold, it must be a top-down approach. The values should first be seen in the leaders. That’s you. When the leaders set a good example, the company values are cemented and transferred effectively to the rest of the organization.  

Be consistent. One of the non-negotiables in a company hires is making sure they match the company values. Don’t let anyone muddy the water. All it takes is one person to make going to work a pain.  

Keep the excitement burning to instill excellence

Do a task long enough, and it can lose its meaning. It becomes routine, and your team members can lose sight of the big picture. 

Do weekly or monthly meetings to show your team what they’ve accomplished. Rote emails suddenly become exciting if team members know those emails lead to repeat sales or glowing feedback on the customer service. 

Connect your team to tools and other innovative processes they can apply to their work. Or invite them to continuously innovate by themselves, to never see their process as static, but rather as something they can change and improve. This is how you encourage initiative and creativity. You do need to have SOPs, but they should remain fluid so they can evolve as circumstances dictate. 

Efficiency and working smart is my business’s bread and butter. The fewer and the simpler the processes, the better. If you implement the same approach, you and your team would be able to attend to more aspects of the operations. 

These techniques and tools make everything efficient, and they retain and attract the type of creative and intelligent workers you want in your team. I am sure you know from your own experience how inefficient, backward processes can sap you of time, energy, and affection for your work. 

Safe spaces are happy spaces

We want our employees to feel safe and free to express themselves in the workplace. Include a  safe space for your office or communication channels, where your employees can have conversations rooted in accountability and understanding. 

A safe space also includes a sense of freedom and privacy. Slack is so well-loved because employees can create channels and DM groups with anyone they want. They can work together, and they can talk freely. 

Create rules and regulations to prevent disrespect of identity, personal boundaries, and beliefs. 

Make your workplace a hub of communication

Creativity dies when your employees feel they can’t express themselves. Let your platforms or messaging tools be used for personal expression. You can provide your team with multiple ways of giving and getting feedback, such as peer-to-peer feedback, forms to fill, and channels for all their needs. 

Invite discussion and input. Vision boards and suggestion channels can make your team members feel a real part of the team, where they can, and should, pitch in to get the work done. You’ll be surprised at the insights you can get when you have casual meetings, whether about a client or the company processes. 

Celebrate small victories

A reward is a good motivator. It doesn’t have to be of monetary value. It can be positive feedback or recognition of your employee’s performance. Invite and encourage everyone to go above and beyond, and when they do, reward them. 

Your appreciation and trust in your employees go a long way. Your attitude toward them affects their motivation and passion for work, which, in turn, affects outcomes, creating a positive cycle.

Be an advocate of living a balanced life

Bring fun into work with simple contests, team-building activities, or chats with your team without impinging on their off time. Schedule all activities or meetings during work hours. This communicates your respect for their lives outside your company hours. 

When you have a healthy life-work balance, you’re generally happy and more driven to pursue your professional and personal goals. When you have happy, thriving employees who are proud of themselves, you have a thriving team always poised for more success and growth. 

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