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Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Use Facebook Loo-Alike Audiences to Take Your Business to a New Level

When it comes to expanding the target of your ad campaign, look-alike audiences should be your go-to solution. Look-alike audiences may be helpful when a client has an email list of consumers and would like to find more customers that are similar to their current consumer base. This tool is especially helpful when trying to reach out to more potential consumers.

What Is A Look-Alike Audience?

Look-alike audiences are exactly what they sound like. You’re finding a larger audience based off a pre-existing audience that has similar Facebook activity. These audiences are helpful when trying to expand your advertising campaigns. It is also effective in reaching new potential customers.

Getting Started

Setting up a look-alike audience is simple. You take your email list, go to Facebook, and create a custom audience under the audience tab. Once you do this, let Facebook know that the data you’ve provided are email addresses, upload the CSV file of emails to Facebook, and hit “okay”. Facebook will review the list of emails and match the data to Facebook users. After you do this, you can create a look-alike audience based off of the audience that you just created.

Facebook allows you to adjust the percentage of consumers you would like to reach. In my opinion, it is best to reach out to a smaller number of people if you are starting with a small, cheaper test. About .5 to 1 million is a good number for this sort of campaign. Once you gain some feedback from these tests, you can optimize and remove audiences as you see fit.