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Increase Your Advertising ROI with Facebook Targeting

[VIDEO] Increase Your Advertising ROI with Facebook Targeting

Your top priority when creating Facebook Ads should be making them feel personalized to each of your consumers. By using Facebook Interest you can succeed in personalizing your ads to your audience. This will often result in an increase in your company’s ROI as well.

Getting Started…

Many companies make the mistake of trying out Facebook Ads and quitting them too early on. Opting out before they can learn how to optimize their ads because they get discouraged. Most of the time, the problem that these companies have is that they’re incorrectly targeting their audiences. This is because there is a science to targeting your audience which can oftentimes be overlooked.

How Can I Succeed?

When setting up your ad campaign, once you get to interests you want to be specific. Many companies go broad for this part, which can lead to failure. To do this you want to search for an interest that is specific to a certain group of people. For example, if you’re targeting runners avoid Usain Bolt and go for someone that only those in the running community would recognize. You could also reference specific blogs, magazines, or events.

Another easy way to get started with Facebook advertising is to upload an email list that you already have and create a look-alike audience. You can find out to do this in another one of our blog posts.

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