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The Future of AI-enhanced Advertising

The Future of AI-enhanced Advertising - Alpenglo Digital

If you want to stay current with your marketing strategy, you must understand the significance of the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having on the industry. If the creative realm still requires human input, advertising strategies are now largely relying on the input of AI. With its ability to analyze large datasets, AI is enhancing […]

Transforming Leads with AI Scoring

Transforming Leads with AI Scoring - Alpenglo Digital

How would you like to have a magic ball tell you which leads are more likely to convert? For all intents and purposes, AI has become that magic ball for digital marketers. With the integration of AI in your lead scoring, you can prioritize leads based on nuanced data analysis that only AI can execute. […]

Smarter and Faster Dynamic Pricing Using AI

Smarter and Faster Dynamic Pricing Using AI - Alpenglo Digital

The digital marketplace is a crowded, complex, and constantly evolving environment, where getting the pricing right could be the difference between making it as a business or missing out on great opportunities. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). Among its many applications, pricing strategy is gaining its significance for digital marketers across the globe. Through AI, businesses […]

Digital Marketing’s AI Defense Strategy

Digital Marketing's AI Defense Strategy - Alpenglo Digital

The intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital marketing has typically revolved around how AI can make digital marketing more efficient to the marketer and more personalized to the target audience. But AI’s usefulness extends beyond optimizing marketing strategies. As digital marketing strategies expand their reach, they also become susceptible to threats, notably phishing attacks. […]