Crisis in Ukraine – Time to Have a Company Culture of Giving Back


If you are like most people, your desire to achieve success is matched by your desire to make some positive impact, to make a difference in a larger world. That larger world can begin with a small community of your own employees. You might be already helping them with bonuses and laptops they get to […]

[VIDEO] How Will Social Media Influence Business in the Next 5 Years

Social media artwork

If you’ve been around for some time as a marketer or an entrepreneur (or both), you know the importance of your audience: knowing it, finding it, talking to it, focusing on it. To expand your audience, you may be tempted to cast a wider net. In marketing, however, targeting everyone is targeting no one. To […]

Achieve Massive Business Growth by Setting Goals

Achieve Massive Business Growth by Setting Goals

Let’s talk about goal setting. I mean both setting the goals and making sure you are actually achieving them. Many articles and books are written about achieving your goals. But what was tested by actual people? What works? I recently joined the board of an entrepreneurial organization run by volunteers. The leader, an experienced business […]

Are you Using A Project Management Tool in Your Business?

Are you Using A Project Management Tool in Your Business?

Are you using a project management tool in your business? If not, you should. Of all the tools, this one makes or breaks a business. It gives you the opportunity to assign projects, set deadlines, and get status updates on the progress of your project. It keeps you focused on your tasks so you can […]

Retire or Not Retire: That Is the Question

Retire or Not Retire: That Is the Question

For a long time, retirement has been regarded as the ultimate goal of a person’s work life. You work so you can retire in comfort. Typically, that would involve a pension and maybe a golden watch from the company you worked for. That is not my situation or the situation of many modern workers. When […]

Being An Entrepreneur is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a lot of endurance to reach your goals. If you treat the process like a sprint or like you’re only in it for the short term, you may end up losing in the long run. Sprinting is a lot different from running a […]

[VIDEO] 6 Ways to Transform Your Underutilized Thank You Page

6 Ways to Transform Your Underutilized Thank You Page

You should not only use thank you pages to thank your customers but also to encourage the user to take an action. Using thank you pages in this strategic way can help boost your ROI.  I have 6 offers your company can use to drive sales from your thank you page. Businesses tend to underutilize their thank you pages. A well-constructed […]

[VIDEO] The Easy Upsell Strategy for Your Business to Drive More Sales

Upsell Strategy for Increasing Sales

Upsell strategy is an underestimated and underused tool in digital marketing. Implementing it can help to increase your company’s ROI. In the featured video, Adil Zuberi and Jean Ginzburg discuss that every company that is investing in paid media should have an upsell strategy. Having an upsell strategy is essential to the sustainability and profitability of your […]