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Outsourcing to Marketing Agency

The Secret to a Successful Collab with Your Marketing Agency

A Marketing Agency is an indispensable part of a business today. The Great Resignation during and post-pandemic diminished the role of an in-house marketer. Many marketing positions were left empty as employees sought other opportunities. To further add to the disappearance of in-house marketing, many enterprises laid off entire marketing teams because advertising and promotions in a period of uncertainty were seen as inessential and even irrelevant.

Now that we’re pivoting to the new normal, most companies, big and small, have had a taste of the cost savings of outsourcing. They tend to choose it over hiring in-house. 


Should you outsource your marketing to a Marketing Agency? 

Yes, outsourcing makes sense if you’re struggling to keep up with the latest trends and driving results you want. It’s not a question of knowing what to do. It is about finding the most efficient way for you to achieve your goals and execute your ideas. 

When you outsource to specialists, you skip the learning curve on new tools and trends and go straight to strategy and scaling. Handing over the reins can be scary, but the right agency will replace that fear fast with excitement over fresh insights and opportunities you can tap into.  


The benefits of outsourcing your marketing

Cost savings on salaries

The biggest draw of outsourcing your marketing is the cost savings. You save on full salaries, benefits, 401Ks, and overhead costs when you pay a flat package rate or hourly retainer for your specialists. Not to mention the money you will save with less marketing spend and bigger ROI on more effective campaigns. 

You work with experts and the best tools

Full-service marketing agencies take pride in knowing and applying the latest tactics and the newest technologies for effective strategies that deliver results. Your marketing campaigns move forward with analytics tools and insights for the best decisions from start to finish.

Fresh perspectives and opportunities to scale

Even when you do have a marketing team, outsourcing adds new insights to your strategies, techniques, and targets. You see opportunities you can tap into for improvements in your rankings, conversion rates, and ad spend that you didn’t see before.

Faster results

I’ve seen clients and teams get genuine lightbulb moments when we show them our marketing plans. Perspective and insight combined with the latest tools bring faster results, which were previously a struggle. 


The two best practices when you outsource marketing

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing are great, but only when it’s done right. Based on my experience at our agency for the past ten years, success when outsourcing your marketing comes down to two things. 

Know your audience

You have to know exactly what problem you’re solving and whom you’re marketing to. Many marketing agencies and specialists would refuse to take you on if they see you’re not clear on your target market. 

When you don’t know what and whom you’re messaging, it’s a big challenge even for the best marketers to nail your targets. 

Marketing campaigns do not work when your audience isn’t crystal clear. Refine your target market, and then you and your marketing team can refine the rest. For example, as long as your target audiences are clear, your marketing team can create the buyer personas for you, or add segmentation and refine them if your current ones need it.

Give control to your marketing agency to see better results

Clear instructions, targets, and budgets are the pillars of outsourcing any aspect of your business. In marketing, open communication is key. Just as important is leaving room for creativity and analytical insight. The more control your marketing team has, the better they can deliver results. 

Sometimes clients want the control over oversight, and while key decisions do need to be made by the client, micromanagement can slow down the process. You as a client then end up missing opportunities and losing time and money. 

The best practice when you outsource your marketing is clarity on both your audience and your goals. The best marketing teams will do their best work when they know what they are marketing, to whom, and for which intended result. Plus, they will maintain your brand consistency and positioning. Make it easy for them, and you will reap the rewards.



The new trend is to outsource marketing efforts. In-house teams suffered the lay-offs, but expert marketing agencies have an opportunity to prove their worth to their clients. It’s a win-win for the customer and the agency. The company saves on wages and benefits, and the agency delivers results for the clients. To maximize the results a digital marketing agency can deliver for you, make sure you know (1) your target market and (2) your offer to the target market. If you hire a digital marketing agency, cut them some slack. Let them do their job for you.

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