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6 Ways to Transform Your Underutilized Thank You Page

[VIDEO] 6 Ways to Transform Your Underutilized Thank You Page

You should not only use thank you pages to thank your customers but also to encourage the user to take an action. Using thank you pages in this strategic way can help boost your ROI.  I have 6 offers your company can use to drive sales from your thank you page. Businesses tend to underutilize their thank you pages. A well-constructed thank you page can increase your bottom line and improve your website experience.

Encourage Another Purchase

Using a cross-sell, upsell, or limited-time offer could extract another purchase from your consumer. The consumer already has their credit card out and is in buyer mode, which just makes the sale that much easier.

Utilize Social Media

Give your consumers the option to share what they bought with their peers. Encouraging this via Facebook, Pinterest, etc. will help to spread your company name.  This could also encourage purchases from your consumers’ family and friends.

Offer Discounts

Offering a referral discount is another good way to spread your company name. This means offering a consumer discount if they refer your product to friends and family. Spreading the word of your company through consumers is an effective advertising strategy.

Newsletter Sign up

Having a company newsletter sign up on your thank you page gives you access to their email address. It also allows you to keep in contact with the consumer. To draw them in you could offer a piece of free content in exchange for their sign-up.

Ask some questions

Putting a survey on your thank you page is a good way to gain insight into consumer opinion. This is great for gathering information on what the consumers enjoy and what needs improvement. Use data analytics to process and put this information to use.

Insert Something Extra

Using content, such as a blog post or video, could give your customer a better user experience.  This will create a good association with your company, and it’s simple to put in place.

I believe these strategies are excellent for strengthening your consumer relationships and increasing your bottom line.

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